Cielo Global Consulting (CGC) is an elite global consulting firm partnering with influential organizations, transforming the way innovative solutions are implemented and delivered.

The team at Cielo delivers cross-functional and cross-organizational initiatives and partner teams to define, build and implement innovative technology and process solutions that increase efficiency and facilitates growth.

Cielo is committed to guiding world-class solutions to give companies and corporations the leading advantage in the marketplace.

Transformation is inevitable with their unique approach, resulting in adoption as the ultimate success measurement.


With a deep understanding of our clients and their customers, we bring a holistic, human-centric approach to design. Using data, user research and testing, we rapidly prototype to validate our decisions until every element meets our high standards.


Our solutions are fast, smart, and intuitive, keeping the brand experience front and center. We apply strategic focus and proven best practices to ensure that our work meets technical requirements, business goals, and user needs. Deep technical expertise and a practical approach means we deliver stable, resilient, and sustainable solutions.


We partner with clients to identify and leverage opportunities by aligning business goals with customer needs. We analyze and audit feedback from site metrics, heat mapping, customer interviews, and observation to deliver comprehensive, actionable reports for UX, content design, and technical improvements. Constant evaluation of key metrics and analytics help us optimize performance, conversions, and revenue to keep programs on track for success.


Organizational principles:

Building influential organizations to have the leading advantage in the marketplace.

Upholding integrity and quality while being attentive to valuable resources.

Integrating the needs from the business, technology, process and people perspectives so that they align with the overall vision and the organizations feel good about their future, take ownership and achieve successful adoption.

We simplify the complex, improve conversions, increase engagement, and provide experiences worthy of the brands we serve.

  • Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Large Scale Systems Implementations
  • SWAT Project Management
  • Business Development Services
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Development and Mentoring
  • Organizational Change Management


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